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Previous academic training

Accredited prior training

At the time of pre-enrollment the student must present the following documents:

General and specific academic record

Curriculum Vitae

Other documents appropriate to the training

In order to establish the conditions of access and admission criteria to the master's degree, the rule established in articles 16 and 17 of Royal Decree 1393/2007, modified by Royal Decree 861/2010, has been taken into account.

For the selection of pre-enrolled students, a specific scale of points applied by the Master's Studies Commission is applied. It includes aspects such as academic record (up to a maximum of four points), degrees (up to a maximum of 1.5 points), working experience (professional experience in the field of health at a rate of 0.1 points per year worked with a maximum of 5 years), and other merits (up to 4 points) where they are included:

- participation in research projects (0.5 per project).

- presentation of papers in oral or poster format in national or international scientific congresses (0.1 in the case of oral communication and 0.05 in the case of poster, up to a maximum of 0.7).

- level of English.

- teaching collaboration

- publications

- stays abroad in health institutions, research centres or universities (the stay must not be less than three months uninterrupted) - continuing education (own postgraduate and professionally-oriented master's degrees)

A personal interview is also conducted with all pre-enrollees so that their expectations can be assessed with the master's degree courses and its availability in order to be able to advise them on the suitability of proposing part-time or full-time studies.