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Dates of pre-enrolment and enrolment

New Students

First term

    • Pre-registration: Opened from 2nd March to 30th June 2020. (Link)

    • Publication of the resolutions:

      • First resolution: 13th July 2020.

    • Registration: 22nd, 23th and 24th July 2020.

Second term (in case of vacancy)

    • Pre-registration: Opened from 27th July to 3rd September 2020. (Link)

      • Second resolution: 15th September 2020.

    • Registration: 21st, 22nd and 23rd September 2020.

In case of vacancy there will be an extraordinary term of pre-registration.

You can make modificactions in your registration on 15th and 16 th October 2020 using automatricula system or face-to-face at the office of the centre.

More information


Second year students or with pending credits

First term
    • Registration: from 8th to 10th September.

    • Modifications: 15th and 16th October.

    • More information


Tuition fees will be done by automatrícula system.



What do you have to do to enrol?

The registration of first course, of new income, at the màsters official of the university of Lleida will be able to do for the system of Automatrícula or of face-to-face form at the office of the centre and the of second course or of subjects repeated will do for the system of Automatrícula.

- Documentation at presenting
- Model of application of registration (English)
- Payment of registration

More information.

Modifications of registration

The modifications of the tuition will be able to do the days 15 th and 16th October using "automatrícula"system  or face-to-face form at the office of the centre.