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Master Interuniversity in Health Research    

  • The Master's Degree in Health Research replaces the Master's Degree in Nursing Sciences
  • The Interuniversity Master's Degree in Health Research replaces the University Master's Degree in Health Research
  • Both the Master's in Nursing Science and the Master's in Health Research have the credit recognition table with the Interuniversity Master's in Health Research.

The Interuniversity Master in Health Research is offered by the University of Lleida and the University of de Vic – University Central de Catalunya. The scientific master's degree aims to train those skills related to the acquisition of knowledge in the field of research methodology, as well as in its application in the development of research in health sciences.

This master's degree has a load of 90 credits deployed in 1,5 years.

The Master can be taken in two teaching modalities: blended learning (attendance means three weeks during the first year and one week during the second year) or totally online (classes via videoconference, video material, discussion forums, virtual tutorials, etc.). Both modalities allow the completion of the Master to be combined with work activity and personal commitments. There is also part-time enrolment, i.e. half of the credits for two academic years.

The teaching staff is made up of professors from the University of Lleida, University of Vic – University Central de Catalunya and international professors-researchers of recognised prestige, who collaborate with us by contributing their experience in research at a European and international level through the projects they have developed and which they currently lead.

The research profile of the degree links the knowledge acquired during the Master's training period to the doctoral lines: doctorate in Health from the University of Lleida or doctorate in Integral Cures in Health Services (inter-university doctorate between the University of Lleida, University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia, University of Jaen and the Carlos III Health Institute).

This master's degree is aimed at professionals in the field of health sciences: nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, doctors, nutritionists and dieticians... and any other graduate who wants to research in the field of health.

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